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5630 - E-Prime 2.0 Change History ( SP1 to SP2)

E-Prime 2.0 Change History ( SP1 to SP2)

Updated HASP driver

BUGFIX: PackageFile Editor Version Persist text box cuts off value
BUGFIX: E-Run ignoring command line switch to supress error messages
BUGFIX: Debug.Print not printing { and } characters
BUGFIX: Use of (until feedback) EAM does not provide the name of the object where the warning is generated
BUGFIX: Task Events Dialog fields limit number of characters for [attrib] references
BUGFIX: Volatile Clock runtime Experiment Advisor Module warns of Clock Scale on non-period decimal symbol number format machines
BUGFIX: Column header sort indicators do not mimic the traditional Windows look
BUGFIX: Generation of script causes error message
BUGFIX: CodecConfig errors on load after defaults prompt
BUGFIX: Experiments with SRBOX crash when no serial ports available
BUGFIX: SlideMovie object does not respond to Slide.DisplayName change unless Load is called again
BUGFIX: Out of Memory scenario was causing E-Studio to delete es2 file without saving new one during Save
BUGFIX:FIPS Compliant Security Algorithms may prevent successful E-Prime suite licensing and startup operations
BUGFIX: SocketDevice WriteString Task Event Fails due to Double Convert to ANSI
BUGFIX: StartupInfo Editor closes a modified file without prompting to save
BUGFIX: "The value entered is not a valid color, RGB value, or attribute reference." due to whitespace in RGB color code
BUGFIX: Multiple correct answers does not work with AutoResponse
BUGFIX: "Unable to schedule frame" DisplayExtension issue
BUGFIX: ScriptSense replace dialog sets focus to "replace" text box when doing Ctrl+H
BUGFIX: Missing or incomplete ScriptSense members, includes:
- ebBack Constant missing from ConstantSense and ScriptSense coloring
- Left/Right members of Rect type highlighting as global functions
BUGFIX: Values larger than 32767 result in a run-time error when using Offset Order
BUGFIX: Keyboard AutoAnswer Enabled checkbox remains checked after saving unchecked value

This topic applies to:
E-Prime 2.0

See Also
BUGFIX: Out of Memory scenario was causing E-Studio to delete es2 file without saving new one during Save

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Updated on 3/24/2015 5:03:00 PM (GMT)

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Updated on 3/30/2015 4:27:00 PM (GMT)

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