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5613 - INFO: Microsoft .NET 3.51 may require internet connection or installation CD

Installation of E-Prime products on a Window 8 computer may require an active internet connection. With previous operating systems, no internet connection was needed in order to install the software.

Microsoft's .NET Framework software library is commonly used by many software publishers, including Psychology Software Tools, Inc., to support their programs running under Windows. There are many versions of .NET Framework. In order to ensure that a user has the appropriate .NET Framework version installed on their system, most software applications' installation programs do one or more of the following:

  • determine if the user's system already has the necessary version, since some version(s) of .NET Framework is(are) installed as part of the operating system

  • include the necessary .NET Framework components as part of the software installation routine

  • identify any missing .NET versions and direct the user to download them from Microsoft

The .NET Framework version 3.5 is not included as part of the Windows 8 operating system. (Windows 8 includes .NET Framework 4.5, which does not provide support for earlier versions of .NET Framework). Further, due to some changes that Microsoft has made in Windows 8, the .NET 3.5 Framework can not be included as part of another software package's installation routine. Installation of .NET Framework 3.5 under Windows 8 may be installed on demand by the application or through the Control Panel. Both options require an active internet connection.

Since several of PST's software products require .NET Framework 3.5, installation of these products under Windows 8 or later now requires an active internet connection. If an internet connection is not possible, then users who have access to their Windows 8 installation CDs can get .NET Framework 3.5 to install. For details, see Microsoft Developer Network instructions for installing .NET Framework 3.5 under Windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

The following PST products are affected by this issue:

  • E-Prime 2.0 and E-Prime 2.0 SP1

  • E-Prime Extensions for Tobii (note that no other E-Prime extensions are affected)

  • Celeritas

  • SimFx

  • PsychMate

This topic applies to:
E-Prime 2.0 SP1 (

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Updated on 1/13/2014 5:55:00 PM (GMT)

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