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5345 - INFO: Should I Update to the Production Release,

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E-Prime 2.0 Development has implemented a number of features that will require end users to upgrade their experiment(.es2) files. The resulting files will not be backwards compatible with previous editions of E-Prime. Because PST strives to avoid making changes to file formats in this way, the E-Prime Development Team has chosen to roll out all of the changes that affect file format into one release to avoid end users repeatedly having to upgrade their .es2 files, as well as to minimize problems with multiple file formats and collaboration between labs.

E-Prime can be downloaded via the PST Product Service and Support site at Download > E-Prime > E-Prime 2.0 Production Release (http://pstnet.com/support/download.asp?Type=e-prime_2_0). Professional and/or Standard will be available according to the serial number(s) registered with your account.

Is E-Prime the Production/Gold release?
Yes, the release of should be considered feature complete. It is currently in production and is no longer in Release Candidate stage.

NOTE: Do not update to E-Prime 2.0.10.x at this time if you:
  • Are collaborating with other sites using a different version of E-Prime 2.0

  • Are scheduled to collect additional subject data for a continuing study

  • Plan to analyze subject data in comparison to previous sessions

  • Are using E-Prime 2.0 with any of the following extensions. All E-Prime experiments using any extensions except for E-Prime Extensions for IFIS should be using E-Prime until further notice. E-Prime Extensions for IFIS users should continue to use E-Prime 1.1 SP3.

    • E-Prime Extensions for Net Station

    • E-Prime Extensions for Tobii

    • E-Prime Extensions for Smart Eye

    • E-Prime Extensions for fMRI

    • E-Prime Extensions for IFIS

Please see http://www.pstnet.com/about.cfm?ID=173 and http://www.pstnet.com/forum/Topic5684-12-1.aspx for more information.

Are there any known issues with E-Prime
Installation may require removal of HASP hardware key and reinsertion.
Installation may require updating HASP driver (http://www.pstnet.com/downloads/misc/HaspUserSetup.exe)
KB3617 - BUG: Movie playback difficulty with DivX (TM) codec

Documentation and E-Basic Help have been updated but are not complete.

Other questions about upgrading
Can E-Prime 1.x and E-Prime 2.x be installed at the same time?
Yes, but ensure that E-Prime 2.x is installed/updated after E-Prime 1.x. Any update to E-Prime 1.x can cause issues with E-Prime 2.x. After installing E-Prime 2.x, E-Prime 1.x may need to be opened as an administrator once before it is fully functional. Right-click on E-Studio 1.x and select "Run as Administrator" to complete the process.

Can E-Prime 2.0.8.x and E-Prime 2.0.10.x be installed at the same time?
No, only major version installations can be installed at the same time. However, multiple versions of the E-Prime 2.0 Subject Station installation can coexist on the same lab machine. KB5325 - FEATURE: Suite, Subject Station, and Run-Time detect other installations on machine (multiple Subject Station versions allowed)

Is it possible to uninstall 2.0.10.x and re-install 2.0.8.x?
If you have chosen to go back to E-Prime, it may indicate that a newer HASP driver is installed and then cancel the installation. Use to overcome an issue with the HASP driver not permitting installation on a system with a newer driver.

Is there anything recommended to prepare my machine for E-Prime
Yes, E-Prime will require the following prerequisite components.
While the E-Prime download will include these prerequisites, it is beneficial to install them on your E-Prime workstations now to avoid a lengthy download or install process.

Microsoft .NET 4.0 Installation (50MB)

Microsoft .NET 3.5 SP1 Web Installation (3MB plus downloaded required components)

Sentinel HASP Driver 6.10 (11MB)

Visual Studio 2005 Update (3MB)

Visual Studio 2008 Update (5MB)

For experiments that require sound under Windows Vista or later, determine which Sound.API is best for your E-Prime workstation.
KB4348 - INFO: Use of SoundTester to determine machine compatibility with ASIO or CoreAudio/WASAP API

For the use and troubleshooting of CodecConfig, please see the prerequisites listed in the following Knowledge Base article.
KB3162 - FEATURE: CodecConfig provides ability to choose codecs used for Movie and Sound rendering

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Kaylah Curtis
11/6/2014 12:22:00 AM
Is it still recommended that I not upgrade to from 2.0.8.x if we continue to run tasks that were created in 2.0.8.x on new subjects? We are collaborating with a different lab on a new task and cannot run a file on our system because it was created in a newer version of E-prime, so we would like to upgrade at this time if it is not recommended not to.
Brandon Cernicky
11/6/2014 2:08:00 PM
If you are starting a new study you can upgrade a more recent version. If you need to run an older study while working on a new study you can use the older version "subject station" installation. Contact PS&S or view the download links for that information.

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