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2525 - INFO: Changes between E-Prime 1.1 and E-Prime 1.2

For a listing of features and bug fixes by build/date, please see INFO: E-Prime 1.2 Change History

What has changed in E-Prime 1.2?
E-Prime 1.2 includes everything in E-Prime 1.1 SP1, SP2, SP3 and also addresses the following issues and introduces the following features:
INFO: Clarification of authorized use of E-Prime
FEATURE: CLng wrapper added during code generation to assist in Startup Info properties
FEATURE: Windows XP 64-bit Edition Support in E-Prime
FEATURE: Objects log with less string literals in effort to reduce "Script Too Large" errors
FEATURE: E-Prime installation shows message indicating Windows XP 64-bit drivers are not supported
FEATURE: OnsetSignalDataPort and OffsetSignalDataPort permit wider range of values
FEATURE: Most Recently Used (MRU) on file menu for E-Prime experiments expanded from four (4) to eight (8) entries
FEATURE: Added verbose information to "insert hardware key now" dialog to allow New Hardware Wizard enough time to find hw ke...
FEATURE: Added additional debugging information to E-Studio.log when saving experiment files
FEATURE: Ability to configure toggle key (CapsLock, NumLock) behavior
FEATURE: Verbose description shown during SoundDevice.Open to better assist mismatch errors
FEATURE: E-Studio.log for debugging includes version number of E-Studio.exe
FEATURE: E-Prime AutoUpdate (ability to check web and prompt when updates to E-Prime are available)
FEATURE: Welcome to E-Prime on first run of E-Studio and Help menu
FEATURE: Permit double clicking on Package in Add/Install Package dialog to accept value
FEATURE: E-Studio prompts during first run (intro, welcome, support, timing info) removed
FEATURE: Add/Remove dialog support link in XP includes updated support URLs
FEATURE: Finish dialog in E-Prime installation includes update URL for support services
FEATURE: Removed informational dialogs during installation
FEATURE: E-Prime installation using HASP driver version 4.98

FEATURE: Use better floating point precision to more accurately report SRBOX timing (1.0 to 08 StdDev)
FEATURE: Code Generation for devices to look in Context for override values
FEATURE: 32-bit color support used in Package Add dialog and Experiment Object dialogs for richer icons.
FEATURE: Clock.Information placed in context to E-Studio ebs generation, which provides information about the E-Prime clock
FEATURE: E-Studio will enumerate USB hardware keys on system in the event multiple PST or 3rd party HASP are connected
FEATURE: SegmentCopyHeight and SegmentCopyVerticalOffset default values changed
FEATURE: Device error reporting more verbose when unable to open
FEATURE: Show more verbose errors in E-Run
FEATURE: More verbose error information shown when clock cannot be initialized at start of experiment
FEATURE: Ensure that clock is moving forward at start of experiment (for custom clocks)
FEATURE: SetYieldDuringLongOperations default value changed
FEATURE: E-Prime installation requires installing Internet Explorer 6
FEATURE: Ability to use network sockets (SocketDevice) in E-Basic runtime/script
FEATURE: Clock.Information property added
BUGFIX: Changes to Filename in List GUI are not always applied when experiment is generated or saved
BUG: Setting Group StartupInfo value is ignored when running experiment
BUG: Setting RandomSeed StartupInfo value is ignored when attempting to replicate experiment order
BUG: Toggle Keys (NumLock, CapsLock) behavior not as expected
BUGFIX: Experiment using SRBOX causes fatal system crash (BSOD) at end of experiment run
BUGFIX: Using SRBOX in pre-release versions of E-Prime 1.2 causes freeze / lockup under Windows 98, ME
BUG: Use of Label object and Jump results in "application defined error" when a runtime error occurs that is not jumping rela...
BUG: Welcome web page appears behind E-Studio window
BUG: E-Studio window does not appear on top when launched from Start Menu or double click experiment file from Desktop
BUG: InputMask casting functions (CKeyboardInputMask, CPortInputMask, CMouseInputMask, CSRBoxInputMask) missing from runtime

BUG: PackageCall Routine drop down shows no choices
BUG: Accessing Device.History (InputHistoryManager) results in runtime error
BUG: Parallel Port HASP hardware key not recognized during E-Prime installation or running of E-Studio
BUGFIX: Renaming object in E-Studio does not result in modify flag being set nor "do you want to save" prompt
BUGFIX: Windows ME shows "file not found" message when loading read only files and hidden .es extension
BUGFIX: Unable to open registry key error message during E-Prime installation
BUGFIX: E-Prime indicates negative RTs when FlushInputBuffer = Yes
BUGFIX: WaitForVerticalBlank may return immediately when called in succession (causing unexpected display durations)
BUGFIX: PickOne (used in Counterblancing) fails when item used (Subject, Session, Group) is larger than 32767
BUGFIX: SlideText object displays or paints too much text (out of bounding rectangle) when height small
BUGFIX: Unable to use mouse scrolling in InLine
BUGFIX: Display Echo Property Page does not show proper pixel settings if they match drop down percentage
BUGFIX: Canvas commands (Canvas.Rect, Canvas.Clear) do not operate properly in 256 color (8Bpp) mode
BUGFIX: Canvas drawing commands not drawing accurately
BUGFIX: E-Merge folder view continually repeats folder listing (due to user security)
BUGFIX: Cannot load sound file after using Rte.DeviceManager.Suspend/Resume or Ctrl+Alt+Shift abort sequence

All updates in 1.0, 1.1, SP1-SP3
INFO: E-Prime 1.1 Service Pack 3
INFO: E-Prime 1.1 Service Pack 2
INFO: E-Prime 1.1 Service Pack 1
INFO: Changes between E-Prime 1.0 and E-Prime 1.1

Where can I download E-Prime 1.2?
All downloads are available in E-Prime Web Support under the Downloads section.

Is there anything special to installing E-Prime 1.2?
You can install E-Prime 1.2 on a fresh system or upgrade from any previous version of E-Prime.
NOTE: On systems with security, you must be a Administrator or Power User. If you are a "guest" or do not have the security rights to install software, you will receive an error when trying to install.
End users will use the same serial number and hardware key shipped with their original order to access E-Prime 1.2.

Should I update to E-Prime 1.2?
Most labs should move to E-Prime 1.2 to obtain the latest updates to E-Prime.
There are cases where a lab should not. For example, continuing studies.
In addition, if you have an "E-Prime Extensions", interfacing with external equipment, or using a 3rd party PackageCall, you should contact that vendor to ensure you are using a compatible version of E-Prime and additional add-on software or hardware.

NOTICE TO INVIVO IFIS-SA/ELOQUENCE CUSTOMERS: Invivo has requested that PST post notice to all current and future IFIS-SA/Eloquence customers that E-Prime 1.2 is NOT compatible with IFIS 1.1 software and is NOT approved for use or installation on any IFIS-SA/Eloquence system. Installing E-Prime 1.2 on an IFIS-SA/Eloquence workstation will result in a failure to launch experiments from the IFIS System Manager Client application. Please contact info@invivocorp.com for further information.

Are E-Prime 1.1 files compatible with E-Prime 1.2?
Yes, experiment *.es and data *.edat files created in E-Prime 1.1 are backwards compatible with E-Prime 1.2 and vice versa. Any script additions introduced in E-Prime 1.0, 1.1, or 1.2 that break syntax compatability are noted in the KB.

I have E-Prime 1.0, what should I do?
There are no updates available for E-Prime 1.0. PST encourages users to upgrade to E-Prime 1.2 and then apply any updates available.

I have Windows 95, what should I do?
Microsoft retired Windows 95 in 2000. Therefore, all systems that have Windows 95 should upgrade to a newer operating system. If the machine currently running Windows 95 cannot upgrade to a newer operating system, then a brand new machine should be considered. Support for Windows 95 in E-Prime has been discontinued.

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