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Most Accessed Topics

5345 INFO: Should I Update to the Production Release,
5264 INFO: E-Prime 2.0 Prerequisites required for Minimal (download) installation
4803 FEATURE: Task Events
4026 INFO: Operating system (Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP) support in E-Prime
3844 INFO: Declaring a global variable in User Script (Video How-To)
3162 FEATURE: CodecConfig provides ability to choose codecs used for Movie and Sound rendering
3149 INFO: E-Prime 2.0 File Types
3025 INFO: Fast/Single Refresh Presentation in E-Prime
3003 TIMING ALERT: Machine configuration, design, or faulty components may result in bad timing data
3000 INFO: Common E-Prime Error Numbers/Messages and Solutions
2720 FEATURE: MovieDisplay and SlideMovie objects
2634 FEATURE: Conditional Exit (Graceful Abort)
2621 INFO: How to use MSCONFIG to troubleshoot machine configuration and reduce background applications
2599 INFO: E-Basic Style Guidelines/Recommendations
1835 INFO: Use of DB9 Serial to USB adapter within E-Prime
1320 INFO: General Parallel Port Information
1318 INFO: How do I notify external equipment at the exact time that an event occurs in E-Prime?
1316 INFO: How do I send a signal to an external device?
1307 INFO: Sound Latency - Not all sound cards provide optimal millisecond timing
1249 FEATURE: Joystick Device

INFO Topics

5379 INFO: Known issues in E-Prime 2.0
5631 Should I Update to E-Prime 2.0 SP2?
5628 E-Prime 2.0 Timing Data
5630 E-Prime 2.0 Change History ( SP1 to SP2)
4019 INFO: E-Prime 2.0 Change History
2675 INFO: Changes between E-Prime 1.2 and E-Prime 2.0
5346 INFO: Which version of E-Prime should I use with E-Prime Extensions?
5629 E-Prime 1.x Timing Data
5599 INFO: Upgrading E-Prime Extensions for Tobii 2.0
5623 INFO: E-Prime Extensions for fMRI 2.0. New Features
5622 INFO: Upgrading E-Prime Extensions for fMRI 2.0
3006 INFO: Clarification of authorized use of E-Prime
5621 INFO: Updated Hardware Requirements for new E-Prime versions do not change hardware requirements for prior E-Prime versions
4756 INFO: Guide to upgrading experiments to E-Prime 2.0
5607 INFO: FAQ about E-Prime Versions and Editions
1307 INFO: Sound Latency - Not all sound cards provide optimal millisecond timing
4347 INFO: Sound Latency - Windows Vista / Windows 7 (and beyond)
5589 INFO: E-Prime 2.0 Change History ( Production Release to SP1)
5613 INFO: Microsoft .NET 3.51 may require internet connection or installation CD
5586 INFO: USB device compatibility with E-Prime
5361 INFO: E-Prime 2.0 Change History ( to Production Release)
5592 INFO: E-Prime 2.0 SP1 requires specific DirectX 11 settings
5577 INFO: Specific DisplayDevice settings are required to avoid errors when running under Windows 8
3000 INFO: Common E-Prime Error Numbers/Messages and Solutions
5590 FEATURE: Support for Celeritas™
4026 INFO: Operating system (Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, and XP) support in E-Prime
5558 INFO: Validating an E-Prime 2.0 Upgrade License
4348 INFO: Use of SoundTester to determine machine compatibility with ASIO or Core Audio/WASAPI
5338 INFO: Steps to reduce large OnsetDelay values
1318 INFO: How do I notify external equipment at the exact time that an event occurs in E-Prime?
1320 INFO: General Parallel Port Information
5539 INFO: License Violation and Grace Period dialogs
5555 INFO: Network connection can interfere with timing
4522 INFO: Words to avoid while naming E-Objects or attributes
4946 INFO: ClearAfter not recommended
5264 INFO: E-Prime 2.0 Prerequisites required for Minimal (download) installation
3133 INFO: Monitor Recommendations and Timing Information
5360 INFO: E-Prime 2.0 Change History ( to
4012 INFO: Logitech QuickCam may cause conflict with PST drivers
3108 INFO: E-Prime 1.x Support for Windows Vista and 7
5365 INFO: Some Toolbox Defaults for Slide sub-objects not used
5358 INFO: E-Prime 2.0 Change History (2.0 beta to
5359 INFO: E-Prime 2.0 Change History ( to
1835 INFO: Use of DB9 Serial to USB adapter within E-Prime
1319 INFO: General Serial Device Information
3003 TIMING ALERT: Machine configuration, design, or faulty components may result in bad timing data
2596 INFO: How to Determine Version Number of E-Prime or Components of E-Prime?
5345 INFO: Should I Update to the Production Release,
2599 INFO: E-Basic Style Guidelines/Recommendations
3022 INFO: E-Prime Timing Information
1321 INFO: User receives "This system is in violation of the licensing agreement" when opening E-Studio
1292 INFO: Why doesn't my mouse scroll button work in E-Studio?
2621 INFO: How to use MSCONFIG to troubleshoot machine configuration and reduce background applications
1378 INFO: Use of ampersand (&) character in E-Prime
1275 INFO: Changes to Evaluation/Demo version of E-Prime
4031 INFO: Use of Sound.LoadAffinity to diagnose sound loading and playback issues
3845 INFO: Renaming Slide Sub-Objects (Video How-To)
4560 INFO: Differences between Variables and Attributes
3613 INFO: Removing E-Prime 2.0 via command line options
3480 INFO: Network License FAQ / Getting Started Guide
3157 INFO: Using E-Prime help files in Windows Vista and 7
3023 INFO: Recommend Parallel Port Adapters for Machines without a Parallel Port
3986 INFO: E-Prime 2.0 BETA closed
3149 INFO: E-Prime 2.0 File Types
2342 INFO: How to perform a screen capture for technical support
3837 INFO: Corrections for Scripting Typos in Getting Started Guide
3844 INFO: Declaring a global variable in User Script (Video How-To)
1373 INFO: How to Make a Shortcut to an Experiment
3135 INFO: Differences between E-Prime 2.0 Standard and E-Prime 2.0 Professional
1425 INFO: Using Forward Slash (/) When Loading Files from a Specific Path
3612 INFO: haspds_msi.dll error when installing a version of E-Prime 2.0 prior to 2008
3266 INFO: Using ffdshow with E-Prime 2.0
3343 INFO: Ability to access an E-Object in script.
3370 INFO: E-Prime 2.0 conflict with Symantec antivirus software.
3477 INFO: Admin guide to deploying E-Prime 2.0 Professional
3476 INFO: Event vs. Cumulative Mode Timing
2600 INFO: E-Prime 1.2 Change History
3156 INFO: Avoiding/Eliminating Recursive Loops from Your Experiment Structure
2525 INFO: Changes between E-Prime 1.1 and E-Prime 1.2
882 INFO: Ability to set random seed in E-Studio using RandomSeed Startup Info parameter
1300 INFO: Steps to Avoid "Script Too Large to be Compiled" Errors
2671 INFO: Drawing Error #11009 on Machines Running Novell Zenworks
2998 INFO: Internal Drawing Error may be related to background applications
3026 INFO: Use of IsPending() to execute script while a response object is running.
3025 INFO: Fast/Single Refresh Presentation in E-Prime
3024 INFO: Using a String Variable for Math Operations
3021 INFO: Avoiding "An error has occurred while accessing the clock" Error When Developing E-Prime/NetStation Experiments
3019 INFO: How do I verify the port number being used by the SRBox?
3011 INFO: Third-Party Applications Incompatible with E-Prime and PsychMate
2995 INFO: Internet activation required for E-Prime 2.0 BETA
2994 INFO: Response Data Omitted from EDAT File when using Multiple Input Masks
1340 INFO: Implementing a Go/No Go Task in E-Prime
2712 INFO: Adding New Fonts/Adding Custom Fonts
2711 FEATURE: Why are there Knowledge Base topics about versions of E-Prime that have not been released yet?
2304 INFO: Using PreRelease to Maintain Millisecond Timing
2714 INFO: Recording Button Releases
2713 INFO: Copying and Pasting Objects Between Experiments in E-Prime v1.x
2707 INFO: Loading a Stimuli Text File Into a List Object
1794 INFO: Declaring Multiple Variables on a Single Line in E-Basic
2706 INFO: Swapping a Parallel Port Hardware Key for a USB Hardware Key
1521 INFO: Serial Communication in E-Prime
2631 INFO: Using the RefreshClockTest experiment to perform guideline timing for your lab machines
2512 INFO: Information sent when E-Prime AutoUpdate queries for new versions of E-Prime
1407 INFO: E-Basic is incompatible with any function routine that requires Byte data type
2565 INFO: How to turn on E-Studio.log debugging
1371 INFO: How to avoid accidental pressing of special keys (Windows Key, Ctrl+Escape)
1522 INFO: Merging "duplicate" data
1713 INFO: E-Prime 1.1 Service Pack 3
1485 INFO: E-Prime 1.1 Service Pack 1
1508 INFO: E-Prime 1.1 Service Pack 2
1297 INFO: Should my lab download the BETA version of E-Prime 1.1?
1108 INFO: Removing older E-Prime installations to save disk space
993 INFO: Determining Accuracy or ACC property in script requires case insensitive comparison
931 INFO: Mouse does not function for AskBox, MsgBox, InputBox, etc. commands
877 INFO: Why does gray/silver (128,128,128) in MS Paint != gray/silver in E-Run (128,128,128)
1299 INFO: How do I set a specific refresh rate for my experiment?
1329 INFO: How to send a tech support report to PST representatives
1293 INFO: Changes between E-Prime 1.0 and E-Prime 1.1
1317 INFO: How do I Receive a Signal from an External Device?
1316 INFO: How do I send a signal to an external device?
1312 INFO: Frequently Asked Questions about E-Prime 1.1 (FAQ)
1267 INFO: How to print/use [ and ] characters in E-Prime
1266 INFO: Read this before upgrading a machine to Windows 2000/XP with E-Prime.
1298 INFO: Installation of E-Prime on Windows 2000/XP requires Administrator privileges.
1295 INFO: What serial number should I use for E-Prime 1.1?

New Features

4803 FEATURE: Task Events
2470 FEATURE: CColor, Color Object, RteColor provides expanded colors and HTML color listing
3548 FEATURE: Conversion action dialog options added to the Tools...Options area of E-Studio
5204 FEATURE: DelimitText function provides simplified string concatenation
5468 FEATURE: SNTP Clock configuration options can now be accessed from the Experiment Object
4017 FEATURE: E-Prime SNTP Realtime Clock
5612 FEATURE: E-Prime SNTP Realtime Clock
5600 FEATURE: E-Studio provides direct access to Device Manager, Sound, and Game/Joystick control panel applets
5608 FEATURE: E-Studio prompts to convert smart quotes to non-smart quotes when pasting from external text editors
4982 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor Module - Varying Filename not found
5184 FEATURE: Hover over GetAttrib you do not see the same info as AttribSense in TextDisplay GUI
1830 FEATURE: ScriptSense - Function Completion similar to Intellisense (TM) in E-Basic script windows
5377 FEATURE: Ability to delete all Unreferenced E-Objects at once
1383 FEATURE: Invoking programs on Tools menu should set current folder to currently loaded experiment
4016 FEATURE: E-Prime Video Renderer
2642 FEATURE: Default frame size lowered to 75%
1400 FEATURE: Ability to specify multiple correct answers
3360 FEATURE: Ability to perform deep and shallow copy and paste (paste special)
3162 FEATURE: CodecConfig provides ability to choose codecs used for Movie and Sound rendering
3563 FEATURE: E-Prime 2.0 Professional supports extended configuration options through E-Prime 2.0.ini file
5148 FEATURE: Slide.ActiveSlideState property
3158 FEATURE: MovieDisplayFrame object return from MovieDisplay.Frames provides verbose information about every movie frame
3204 FEATURE: PackageFile Editor offers return value for Routines
3836 FEATURE: Performance of loading movie files in MovieDisplay and SlideMovie significantly improved
3621 FEATURE: StartupInfo Editor Local/Global buttons added to Experiment Object
4782 FEATURE: Change "Object variable or With block variable not set" message to something more helpful
947 FEATURE: Bookmark the current line for compile and runtime errors
1247 FEATURE: Parallel port Device
611 FEATURE: Auto Response
1446 FEATURE: Ability to obtain colleciton of attributes and level information on list in E-Basic
3036 FEATURE: Abilty to get/set terminate mode via GetTerminateMode and SetTerminateMode
3132 FEATURE: Ability for software debouncing via PortDevice
4570 FEATURE: Ability for ParallelPortDevice to ToggleBit, SetBit, ResetBit
4806 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor (root feature)
4896 FEATURE: Toolbox Defaults
5105 FEATURE: Ability to customize UserBreakState, ConditionalExit, and SystemAbortWatch key sequences
3625 FEATURE: Ability for GUI and Runtime components to use / character
3037 FEATURE: Add parameter to SetNextTargetOnsetTime that resets the terminate mode flag
2723 FEATURE: Bin function akin to Hex for binary string conversion
1413 FEATURE: Ability to log Weight, Nested, Procedure, Reset/Exit, selection props
1227 FEATURE: Ability to copy/paste objects in E-Studio
5320 FEATURE: E-Run Resolver dialog allows choosing runtime when no direct match is available
3732 FEATURE: Slide.ActiveObjects property provides ActiveObjects shortcut to accessing Slide child components in E-Basic
3795 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor suggests advice on objects not divisible by refresh
4004 FEATURE: Output window provides hot links for data file, E-Recovery file, and Experiment Advisor report
734 FEATURE: Procedure.FlushDataLog option
1104 FEATURE: Serial Device allows a WriteByte method
5336 FEATURE: Int64 Object to facilitate large number operations
5325 FEATURE: E-Prime detects other installations on machine (multiple Subject Station versions allowed)
1274 FEATURE: SegmentCopyHeight and SegmentCopyVerticalOffset properties to aid in eliminating display tearing
1058 FEATURE: Ability to do find/replace via all Script/Inline objects
4899 FEATURE: Ability to choose (until feedback) for InputMask TimeLimit
4961 FEATURE: ASIO Configuration Dialog for E-Studio
3848 FEATURE: Detection of invalid Refresh Rate
4373 FEATURE: SlideMovie and MovieDisplay offers .Status property akin to SoundBuffer.Status
3148 FEATURE: Ability to change display device used for dialogs (e.g. MsgBox)
4424 FEATURE: Ability to shut off audio and video load reports
1302 FEATURE: Ability to get the current press/release state of a given key from KeyboardDevice
5178 FEATURE: Procedure.ProcessPendingInputMasks
4550 FEATURE: Procedure.ProcessLastObjectPendingInputMasks
2619 FEATURE: FeedbackDisplay.ProcessInputObjectPendingInputMasks to assist with proper display and logging
4977 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor Module - FeedbackDisplay may report invalid stats
5172 FEATURE: Logging calls to use ebConst for literal strings
5014 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor Module - Display adapter set to clone mode
4885 FEATURE: E-Studio output window to indicate status when processing Experiment Advisor Module
3681 FEATURE: ClearAfter GUI for Movie
5129 FEATURE: When pasting from on exp to another confirm that checks for epk2 calls and check for devices via device list and echo c
4879 FEATURE: Ability to have Movie logging properties checked by default
5186 FEATURE: Ability to enable or disable property tooltips
5035 FEATURE: Use of space bar to check and uncheck Experiment Advisor Modules (promotes accessibility)
5026 FEATURE: Ability to sort items in Experiment Advisor property page by clicking columns
5214 FEATURE: Add text to the reboot message that you will need to start the setup process again from scratch
5306 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor tab in E-Studio to show number of findings in parens
3299 FEATURE: GeneratePreRun and GeneratePostRun properties
1125 FEATURE: Add source color key to GUI ImageDisplay
4990 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor Module - Use of ClearAfter
4993 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor Module - WaitForVerticalBlank with Flipping
4983 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor Module - Use of (end of proc) with FeedbackDisplay
4978 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor Module - Large OnsetDelay
4979 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor Module - Evaluate SoundDevice.API
4973 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor Module - Object in experiment does not run
4974 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor Module - Volatile Clock on Windows XP
4804 FEATURE: E-Basic Script Generation uses constants for literal strings
4158 FEATURE: Change Files of Type dropdown text
1890 FEATURE: Ability to vary List.Filename with [attrib] reference
2634 FEATURE: Conditional Exit (Graceful Abort)
718 FEATURE: Ability to log Onset To Onset times
1290 FEATURE: Ability to not have repeated values after shuffle
4976 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor Module - Text object has matching BackColor and ForeColor
4745 FEATURE: ResponseData.SEQD and ResponseData.SEQH properties
857 FEATURE: Expose collection of Procedure child items
1877 FEATURE: Ability for E-Prime to recognize and use multiple monitor displays
3153 FEATURE: Sound Recording with SoundIn and SlideSoundIn
5057 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor Module - Use of Stretch
3619 FEATURE: Ability for paste operations to include Device and Package objects
3033 FEATURE: Ability to log when an InputMask IsPending at the end of a procedure
3564 FEATURE: E-Prime 2.0 Professional Installation updated to support MSIEXEC /qn and /qb silent installation options
4975 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor Module - Non-Visual object using OnsetSync or OffsetSync
4980 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor Module - Visual Slide objects not using percentage values
4981 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor Module - Infinite Duration with no end action
4985 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor Module - Use of (until feedback) when no FeedbackDisplay available
4988 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor Module - Procedure is not collecting data
4989 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor Module - DisplayDevice uses Match Desktop
2542 FEATURE: Code Generation for devices to look in Context for override values
4758 FEATURE: [DataFile.BaseName] attribute
4773 FEATURE: Rte.PreventSystemIdle property
3629 FEATURE: CGuid introduced to generate smaller code
896 FEATURE: Add a Socket object or device to support TCP/IP communications.
1232 FEATURE: SystemAbortWatchRequireConfirmation property allows forl Ctrl+Alt+Shift to abort experiment w/o prompting
4020 FEATURE: SocketDevice configured to improve latency of data packets sent
4492 FEATURE: E-Prime installation includes SoundTester application
4504 FEATURE: Experiment Advisor detects when inappropriate mixture of Cumulative and Event TimingMode in use
3038 FEATURE: Ability to choose (end of proc) as an option for InputMask.TimeLimit
3614 FEATURE: InStrRev function added to E-Basic language
3618 FEATURE: Ability for Context.SetAttrib to enable disable SetAttribLogFlag for context only variables
3622 FEATURE: Experiment object offers check box to enable or disable the ability to load StartupInfo external files
3070 FEATURE: List.Clear
1955 FEATURE: Ability to lock aspect ratio for scaling images when using Stretch property
3763 FEATURE: DisplayDevice.FlippingEnabled
3623 FEATURE: E-Studio Toolbox order of items
4335 FEATURE: Ability to specify a custom data file name for experiment data file edat2
4395 FEATURE: SoundDevice.API permits for using DirectSound, ASIO, and CoreAudio/WASAPI
4412 FEATURE: E-Studio experiment author specified version
4488 FEATURE: DisplayDevice.DisplayIndex property
4533 FEATURE: DisplayDevice.Handle property
4649 FEATURE: Rte.AbortExperiment
4702 FEATURE: Procedure toolbar added to access property pages
3583 FEATURE: Support for multiple JoystickDevice objects
4565 FEATURE: StopAfterMode introduced for Sound objects
398 FEATURE: E-Objects: Use / for path separation for E-Objects with filename property
488 FEATURE: Disable all Startup Info Parameters when "ignore all prompts" is set
584 FEATURE: Show name of E-Object sub components
966 FEATURE: On compile/runtime error, attempt to open InLine/User Script to highlight error
2335 FEATURE: ResetLoggingProperties reset their logging properties at begin of each Procedure run
3420 FEATURE: Ability for Slide to remove or change order of objects collection
4052 FEATURE: E-Prime updated to avoid crashes or other errors when using incompatible Extension for E-Prime products
4092 FEATURE: PackageFile Editor adds option for ByRef or ByVal parameters
4493 FEATURE: Ability for ScriptSense choices to appear immediately after typing eb to facilitate easier choosing of constants
4157 FEATURE: ScriptSense Options
1258 FEATURE: Ability to set subject number greater than 32,767
3663 FEATURE: COM Ports 1-256 for SerialDevice or SRBOXDevice
3427 FEATURE: Procedure GenerateLabels property
4566 FEATURE: StopAfterMode introduced for Movie objects
2627 FEATURE: PreRelease defaults changed to promote better timing accuracy
3030 FEATURE: EndResponseAction=Terminate behavior changed
3465 FEATURE: Ability to specify RefreshRate in DisplayDevice GUI
3027 FEATURE: RefreshAlignment locks into nearest refresh vertical blank to promote timing accuracy
2520 FEATURE: Ability to use [ for AttribSense to provide a pick list of available Attribute references
2991 FEATURE: Interface elements use MS Shell Dlg 2 and MS Shell Dlg for default font to display localized characters
2528 FEATURE: Ability to use network sockets (SocketDevice) in E-Basic runtime/script
2651 FEATURE: E-Studio offers choosing template experiment files when creating new experiments
3567 FEATURE: E-Studio introduces HTML Help files compatible with XP/Vista
1249 FEATURE: Joystick Device
2989 FEATURE: Clock.SystemTimeDrift available to diagnose lab computers with hardware timing flaws
1987 FEATURE: Support for 64-bit Windows Operating Systems
4015 FEATURE: E-Prime Audio Renderer
4021 FEATURE: Improved message when columns do not existing while loading an analysis file in E-DataAid
3578 FEATURE: Property ToolTips shows additional object information in Structure view
3840 FEATURE: Bitwise operations in E-Basic (LShift, RShift, BitwiseAnd)
3571 FEATURE: Clock.SystemTimeThreshold increased to 5000 to avoid false positives
3464 FEATURE: E-Prime Evaluation and Demo for E-Prime 2.0
2630 FEATURE: Port Driver for x64 (AMD 64-bit extensions) compatible operating systems
3987 FEATURE: .NativeHeight and .NativeWidth properties for SlideMovie, SlideImage, MovieDisplay, and ImageDisplay objects
3726 FEATURE: E-Studio prevents generation of experiment (ebs2) with values other than Option Base 0 and Option CStrings On
4352 FEATURE: E-Prime 2.0 Professional permits unlimited SlideState worksheet tabs
2554 FEATURE: Add/Remove dialog support link in XP includes updated support URLs
1260 FEATURE: Ability to copy or clone SlideStates
3557 FEATURE: E-Prime 2.0 Installation offers Subject Station Installation option
1116 FEATURE: Ability to create user PackageFiles in E-Prime 2.0 Professional with the PackageFile Editor
3733 FEATURE: SetOSThreadPriority permits wider range options including auto configure
3831 FEATURE: StartupInfo Editor
4003 FEATURE: Digital Signatures on downloads and installation files
3543 FEATURE: Add common movie formats to MovieDisplay and SlideMovie browse for file filter
2660 FEATURE: Ability to rename Devices in their Edit property page
1062 FEATURE: New SlideState activate after being created
1233 FEATURE: Objects generate code to prevent "Script Too Large" errors
1988 FEATURE: Implement E-Prime file formats with UNICODE as native character usuage
2093 FEATURE: Ability to change background color of startup info screen
360 FEATURE: Ability to show image formats other than .bmp bitmaps in ImageDisplay, SlideImage, and Canvas
1220 FEATURE: Ability to load Excel XML files in List object LoadMethod=File
3270 FEATURE: Ability to load and transfer external values into expriement via StartupInfo
3568 FEATURE: Expiration removed from E-Studio
3569 FEATURE: HASP SRM 3.10 installation shows no dialogs during silent installation and permits ability to skip setup
3565 FEATURE: E-Recovery added to the Tools menu in E-Studio
3566 FEATURE: E-Studio 2.0 offers grace period when license cannot be found
3558 FEATURE: E-Prime 2.0 Installation prompts to uninstall RC 2007 versions
3559 FEATURE: E-Prime 2.0 Installation updated to associate *.es files with opening E-Studio 2.0 only if E-Prime 1.x is not detected
3560 FEATURE: E-Prime 2.0 Installation updated to prompt to launch E-Studio upon completion of setup
3561 FEATURE: E-Prime 2.0 Installation updated to remove versions of E-Prime 2.0 circa Q1 2008
3562 FEATURE: E-Prime 2.0 Installation updated to use industry standard Windows Installer .msi
3585 FEATURE: Updated StartupInfo E-Basic to report verbose error when not used in E-Prime 2.0 Professional
3584 FEATURE: Update Debug.Print auto wraps strings greater than 253 characters
3579 FEATURE: Runtime checks ebs2 for version information results in descriptive error when cannot compile
3580 FEATURE: Runtime property page added to Tools...Options in E-Studio
3581 FEATURE: SiteLicense registration/validation per machine (no longer require each user to register/validate license)
3582 FEATURE: Support for Certified Package Files
3572 FEATURE: PackageCall Details area updated to show rich Overview, Parameters, and Remarks section
3574 FEATURE: PackageFile Editor and StartupInfo Editor added to the Tools menu in E-Studio
3575 FEATURE: PackageFile Editor Routine area sorts routine names alphabetically
3576 FEATURE: PackageFile Editor Wider area for Parameter Description and process new line characters
3577 FEATURE: Packages property page added to the Tools...Options area of E-Studio
3570 FEATURE: Icons added next to Tools menu items
3549 FEATURE: Device Add dialog uses appropriately sized icon
3550 FEATURE: E-Basic introduces HTML Help files compatible with XP/Vista
3551 FEATURE: E-DataAid introduces HTML Help files compatible with XP/Vista
3552 FEATURE: E-Merge 2.0 filters allow for edat, edat2, emrg, emrg2 file extensions
3553 FEATURE: E-Merge 2.0 supports .emrg2 file extension
3554 FEATURE: E-Recovery updated to support .edat2 file extension for converting txt to edat2 files
3555 FEATURE: E-Studio 2.0 code generation updated to expect .edat2 file extension
3556 FEATURE: E-Merge introduces HTML Help files compatible with XP/Vista
3547 FEATURE: Context menu added to PackageFile Editor to allow for toolbar operations and rename of routines
3160 FEATURE: E-Run permits double click of experiment file (*.ebs2) to automatically run
3163 FEATURE: The maximum values for the InputHistoryManager.MaxCount property increased
3136 FEATURE: Ability to export UNICODE text in E-DataAid
2719 FEATURE: Ability to access Slide toolbar commands from context (right click) menu
2720 FEATURE: MovieDisplay and SlideMovie objects
3042 FEATURE: Ability for Serial.ReadString to read up to Serial.InputMaxCount
2990 FEATURE: Link to PST User Forum available on Help/Web menu
3001 FEATURE: E-Prime 2.0 can exist on the same machine as E-Prime 1.x (side by side)
3004 FEATURE: Ability to configure toggle key (CapsLock, NumLock) behavior
2666 FEATURE: List generates Const for all Attribute names to assist in reducing "Script Too Large" errors
2667 FEATURE: Add Color object to E-Basic language
2643 FEATURE: Interface changes to Slide toolbar to make selecting Slide components easier
2603 FEATURE: Objects log with less string literals in effort to reduce "Script Too Large" errors
2576 FEATURE: E-Prime installation shows message indicating Windows XP 64-bit drivers are not supported
2661 FEATURE: Ability to present movies sync with onset of object
1981 FEATURE: Ability to have multiple experiments (instances of E-Studio) open at the same time
1396 FEATURE: Ability to customize background during experiment startup
1801 FEATURE: Update E-Prime interface (Windows, icons, images) to provide Windows XP icon and look and feel
3267 FEATURE: Using Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) in E-Prime
654 FEATURE: Tag property on all E-Object property pages
655 FEATURE: Name property on all E-Object property pages
1064 FEATURE: Default X/Y for Slide components to be percentage
2581 FEATURE: Windows XP 64-bit Edition Support in E-Prime
2678 FEATURE: More descriptive Illegal Attribute Name error message
2527 FEATURE: Clock.Information property added
2992 FEATURE: SoundDevice enabled by default
763 FEATURE: Ability to set a background bitmap for StartupInfo questions?
713 FEATURE: Detect amount of time until a hardware clock roll-over and then warn if less than N hours.
2654 FEATURE: Use of ENTER key in Structure to open object in Workspace
1412 FEATURE: Ability for Mouse.GetCursorPos accept Point structure
2575 FEATURE: OnsetSignalDataPort and OffsetSignalDataPort permit wider range of values
2607 FEATURE: CLng wrapper added during code generation to assist in Startup Info properties
2537 FEATURE: Show more verbose errors in E-Run
1411 FEATURE: Device error reporting more verbose when unable to open
1826 FEATURE: E-Prime AutoUpdate (ability to check web and prompt when updates to E-Prime are available)
2355 FEATURE: SetYieldDuringLongOperations default value changed
2356 FEATURE: SegmentCopyHeight and SegmentCopyVerticalOffset default values changed
2560 FEATURE: E-Studio.log for debugging includes version number of E-Studio.exe
2563 FEATURE: Added additional debugging information to E-Studio.log when saving experiment files
2564 FEATURE: Added verbose information to "insert hardware key now" dialog to allow New Hardware Wizard enough time to find hw key
2384 FEATURE: Most Recently Used (MRU) on file menu for E-Prime experiments expanded from four (4) to eight (8) entries
2530 FEATURE: Ensure that clock is moving forward at start of experiment (for custom clocks)
2531 FEATURE: More verbose error information shown when clock cannot be initialized at start of experiment
2539 FEATURE: E-Studio will enumerate USB hardware keys on system in the event multiple PST or 3rd party HASP are connected
2540 FEATURE: Clock.Information placed in context to E-Studio ebs generation, which provides information about the E-Prime clock
2541 FEATURE: 32-bit color support used in Package Add dialog and Experiment Object dialogs for richer icons.
2547 FEATURE: Use better floating point precision to more accurately report SRBOX timing (1.0 to 08 StdDev)
2550 FEATURE: E-Prime installation using HASP driver version 4.98
2551 FEATURE: Removed informational dialogs during installation
2552 FEATURE: E-Prime installation requires installing Internet Explorer 6
2553 FEATURE: Finish dialog in E-Prime installation includes update URL for support services
2555 FEATURE: E-Studio prompts during first run (intro, welcome, support, timing info) removed
2557 FEATURE: Welcome to E-Prime on first run of E-Studio and Help menu
2556 FEATURE: Permit double clicking on Package in Add/Install Package dialog to accept value
2561 FEATURE: Verbose description shown during SoundDevice.Open to better assist mismatch errors
1355 FEATURE: E-Studio makes backup copy of .es file
1481 FEATURE: Ability to use Shift+Delete to remove objects from Structure
1342 FEATURE: E-Run checks clock for incompatible hardware
934 INFO: Use of RECT in E-Basic
1335 FEATURE: E-Run provides for automatic version Const flags
1346 FEATURE: Display Device permits 1600x1200 resolution
1341 FEATURE: InputMask items appear gray for clear understanding of their state
1323 FEATURE: Timeout method for InputMask and InputMaskManager
1322 FEATURE: Show warning message when routine not part of PackageCall name
1244 FEATURE: Label object to generate code to deal with multiple jumps
1252 FEATURE: Full script window has different interface to indicate it is read only
1315 FEATURE: Ability to clear the contents of the Output window Debug pane before each experiment run
1073 FEATURE: Ability to specify location path for data file with E-DataPath environment variable
1303 FEATURE: Rte.SystemAbortWatchEnabled property used to enable or disable Ctrl+Alt+Shift key sequence
1304 FEATURE: Rte.SystemAbortPromptEnabled property to enable or disable Abort prompt during Ctrl+Alt+Shift key sequence
1305 FEATURE: Rte.YieldDuringLongOperations property to permits processing responses
1306 FEATURE: Rte.GetRunningApplicationList to query applications open during an experiment
1288 FEATURE: Inform user about registering for web support
1207 FEATURE: 'My Experiments' moved to 'My Documents' for 2000/XP

Bug Fixes

5625 BUGFIX: Out of Memory scenario was causing E-Studio to delete es2 file without saving new one during Save
4136 BUGFIX: StartOffset and StopOffset values for audio media greater than 3 1/2 minutes (214749 ms) causes error
4144 BUGFIX: Deselecting Drivers node in custom E-Prime 2.0 installation continues to install driver files
4145 BUGFIX: License violation dialog and prompt for hardware key incorrectly requested when launching E-Run
5604 BUGFIX: the backslash character is not supported in E-Basic
5602 BUGFIX: After converting Standard experiment to Professional, Professional features aren't available until reopening E-Studio
5610 BUGFIX: StartupInfo Editor dialog box can be covered by E-Studio
5367 BUGFIX: PackageFile Editor automatically inserts open parens after certain statements
5370 BUGFIX: Inaccurate ACC values immediately following response object
5605 BUGFIX: Better performance during drag and drop between copies of E-Studio
5603 BUGFIX: E-Studio crashes when saving, generating, or switching between experiments
5350 BUGFIX: Task Events freeze the computer after thousands of events
5428 BUGFIX: Experiment Advisor does not check MovieDisplay for use of ClearAfter
3637 BUGFIX: E-Prime Occasionally Crashes at End of Experiment when using SNTP clock
5344 BUGFIX: .txt extension in Output window should not be considered an untrusted file type
5395 BUGFIX: (until feedback) script generation inaccurate
5347 BUGFIX: Block comments in user script not working properly
5531 BUGFIX: Find/Replace All is not working in E-Studio Professional
4775 BUGFIX: SoundDevice showing inaccurate members in ScriptSense
2544 BUGFIX: PickOne (used in Counterblancing) fails when item used (Subject, Session, Group) is larger than 32767
3940 BUGFIX: E-DataAid 2.0 export from analyze option incorrectly results in a text file with all numbers and no data
3942 BUGFIX: "The analysis has changed? Do you want to save this analysis?" message
4138 BUGFIX: Significant OnsetDelay values collected in experiments with large amount of trials
3832 BUGFIX: MovieDisplay and SlideMovie incorrectly report no movie to play when using zero values for StartPosition or StopPosition
3788 BUGFIX: Movies crash E-Prime 2.0 in Windows Vista SP1
4014 BUGFIX: Error 0x887601c2 (2289435074) received during an experiment
4018 BUGFIX: E-Studio incorrectly generating constants during List generation
1487 BUGFIX: {BACKSPACE} incorrectly logged when ProcessBackspace=Yes and/or ResponseMode=AlphaNumeric
3272 BUGFIX: Ctrl+Alt+Shift SystemAbortWatch Prompt does not appear under Windows Vista
3151 BUGFIX: Changes to Filename in List GUI are not always applied when experiment is generated or saved
3139 BUGFIX: Inserting Slide component or changing Z-Order (bring to front OR send to back) causes components to position improperly
1824 BUGFIX: DataFile.open has not error if can't open file (e.g. security permissions)
1206 BUGFIX: EchoClient does not print/show extended characters like period, comma, explanation point, etc ( . , ! )
1212 BUGFIX: Calling new on items that are abstract causes crash
1085 BUGFIX: Slide sub object DELETE operation on component is actually CUT
2572 BUGFIX: List.GetAttrib crashes when Level integer index is out of bounds
2573 BUGFIX: Changing filename in SlideImage properties does not modify dirty flag resulting in no experiment save prompt
2094 BUGFIX: Canvas.SaveImage fails with longer filenames
2663 BUGFIX: Experiment using SRBOX causes fatal system crash (BSOD) at end of experiment run
976 BUGFIX: Output Debug pane wraps/replaces text after numerous lines
2639 BUGFIX: Using SRBOX in pre-release versions of E-Prime 1.2 causes freeze / lockup under Windows 98, ME
2567 BUGFIX: Renaming object in E-Studio does not result in modify flag being set nor "do you want to save" prompt
1173 BUGFIX: WaitForVerticalBlank may return immediately when called in succession (causing unexpected display durations)
1729 BUGFIX: Cannot load sound file after using Rte.DeviceManager.Suspend/Resume or Ctrl+Alt+Shift abort sequence
2358 BUGFIX: Canvas commands (Canvas.Rect, Canvas.Clear) do not operate properly in 256 color (8Bpp) mode
2450 BUGFIX: Display Echo Property Page does not show proper pixel settings if they match drop down percentage
2471 BUGFIX: SlideText object displays or paints too much text (out of bounding rectangle) when height small
2526 BUGFIX: E-Merge folder view continually repeats folder listing (due to user security)
2529 BUGFIX: Canvas drawing commands not drawing accurately
2538 BUGFIX: Unable to use mouse scrolling in InLine
2558 BUGFIX: E-Prime indicates negative RTs when FlushInputBuffer = Yes
2559 BUGFIX: Unable to open registry key error message during E-Prime installation
2562 BUGFIX: Windows ME shows "file not found" message when loading read only files and hidden .es extension
1655 BUGFIX: Pressing the DELETE key while renaming an object in Structure window cause object to be deleted instead of character
1614 BUGFIX: Toggle keys (caps, num) state restored to state before starting experiment upon experiment completion under Windows XP/2000
1516 BUGFIX: Structure view does not update Unreferenced E-Objects after using Shift+Del to destroy object with children
1660 BUGFIX: Experiment compile or startup time appears slower after applying E-Prime 1.1 (SP2)
1714 BUGFIX: Applying any E-Prime Service Pack fails on Subject Station installs
1514 BUGFIX: Removing items from Procedure not saved (modification flag not updated)
1515 BUGFIX: E-Studio crashes when attempting to save experiment file with International (Japanese, Chinese) author name
1510 BUGFIX: Setting "create debugging log file" option through Tech Support dialog while E-Studio is open does not save setting
1507 BUGFIX: PickOne (Counterbalancing) does not pick correct sample/level/row when using subject number 1 with E-Prime 1.1 SP1
1350 BUGFIX: Line numbers in Debug Output Window are incorrect
1482 BUGFIX: "Display Summary" option is not disabled when "Use Defaults" is set in Startup Info property page
1479 BUGFIX: Setting Counterbalancing in List does not generate proper E-Basic script
1456 BUGFIX: Duration field in Duration/Input property page prohibits long attribute variable names
1359 BUGFIX: Device.Resume/Suspend does not function as expected
1486 BUGFIX: E-Studio consistently crashes when loading a .es experiment file
1356 BUGFIX: Repeatedly using {BACKSPACE} in experiment causes hard crash
1484 BUGFIX: FontSize does not return proper value for Canvas, SlideText, or TextDisplay objects
1480 BUGFIX: PickOne (commonly used in Counterbalancing) skips all entries when Subject Number is 0 (zero)
1294 BUGFIX: "Script Too Large To Be Compiled" Error
1347 BUGFIX: Object incorrectly reports RESP value when {BACKSPACE} and special keys used
1301 BUGFIX: InputDevice.FlushInputBuffer does not add buffered data to history prior to flush
1334 BUGFIX: Rename object in open Procedure while already in-place renaming causes unexpected behavior
1343 BUGFIX: Object does not properly score RT/ACC when InputMask with extended input times out
1338 BUGFIX: Unchecking device in Experiment Object incorrectly generates InputMask script.
1328 BUGFIX: Specifying negative history value for an attribute reference [attrib:-1] always results in "History out of bounds" error
1339 BUGFIX: SetNested function incorrectly accepts zero base indexes
1345 BUGFIX: BRU improperly reports release transitions as presses for IFIS experiments
1324 BUGFIX: InputMaskManager.Terminate method throws runtime error
1103 BUGFIX: User receives "Excel 8 or later" error on machine with Office XP or Excel XP
1314 BUGFIX: E-Studio hangs machine after running experiment and clicking X to close utility window
1229 BUGFIX: missing many casting functions
1219 BUGFIX: Hardware Key not recognized on DELL machine
1230 BUGFIX: keywords missing many types
1236 BUGFIX: E-Studio gives no error indication when .ebs file is read only
1250 BUGFIX: Command Line switch for minimize should not show E-Run interface or script
1286 BUGFIX: Older Beta Experiments with Sound do not convert properly
1251 BUGFIX: Error naming lower log levels as same name as upper log levels
1259 BUGFIX: Using Offset Order on List with all levels of zero weight causes crash
1264 BUGFIX: Echo with MaxCount = 1 does not show up on screen
1276 BUGFIX: Response values not as expected depending on {NUMLOCK} state
1277 BUGFIX: WordWrap value for SlideText component does not persist.
1279 BUGFIX: Display device does not open with blank screen

Known Issues

5328 BUG: Dragging nested List from Structure view causes crash
3838 BUG: MovieDisplay properties not reflected at runtime
5606 BUG: Find/Replace All Script Windows option is not working when using the PackageFile editor on non-certified package files
5598 BUG: ScriptSense members missing in SP1 release
4318 BUG: SRBOXDevice not recognizing BRU / FOBRS RFPulse {^} and {-^} characters
1176 BUG: Input Mask with extended time limit does not terminate/disarm other masks after running object finishes
1087 BUG: Using F3 Find Next operation that is off screen does not scroll
3647 BUG: Column name beginning with a non-English or foreign character may crash E-Merge 2.0
3648 BUG: Removing multiple SlideState objects and then attempting to save experiment causes crash
1268 BUG: Unable to specify negative random seed value for StartupInfo item
5004 BUG: Double click .es2 file crashes E-Studio when Team Viewer 7 is running
5380 BUG: Slide does not appear correctly in E-Studio
3273 BUG: Attribute references in MovieDisplay/SlideMovie Start and Stop Position properties are ignored.
4314 BUG: Performing a Subject Station setup type later disables ability to do E-Studio/Design in Modify installation options
4731 BUG: Slide E-Objects are repositioned/resized when saving experiment for the first time
4900 BUG: Full Script window does not respond to F2 for bookmarks
5156 BUG: Slide resolution in E-Studio does not match display resolution of second monitor
5162 BUG: E-Studio 2.0 fails to load *.es files from E-Prime 1.0
5163 BUG: Delete key is ignored in PackageFileEditor
5007 BUG: ImageDisplay UseSourceColor key GUI in property pages is not displaying Yes/No
5240 BUG: E-Run Test remembers the scale speed but not the AutoResponse answer
5242 BUG: Why doesn't SlideText adhere to top of proc
5268 BUG: Some Feedback and TextDisplay parameters not being saved
5265 BUG: PackageFile Editor add/edit parameter dialog has improper zorder
5317 BUG: Slide.Stop and SlideState.Stop do not cause SlideMovie.Stop operations to occur
5318 BUG: Unable to use more than one SoundCaptureBuffer
5021 BUG: Save As operation to convert experiment to Professional does not enable Experiment Advisor window
3834 BUG: List load of Excel .xml improperly handlling when empty values were in the colums/rows
5164 BUG: Feedback displays wrong entries when properties are set to [attrib] reference
4307 BUG: DisplayName property ignored on Slide when properties not varying with [attrib] values
4298 BUG: CodecConfig Advanced properties in Options property page do not persist
4126 BUG: "Files were successfully copied" message appears even when user says to not copy samples and tutorial files
4331 BUG: SlideSoundOut when used in FeedbackDisplay not saving SoundMode and TimeFormat properties
4748 "System Settings Change You must restart your computer before the settings will take effect" installation error
3654 BUG: Volume and Pan settings not reflected at runtime unless vary
3611 BUG: Sound Volume property not reflected in runtime
4140 BUG: Use of SoundIn and SlideSoundIn @Auto properly records sound file but does not log it with .wav extension
3617 BUG: Movie playback difficulty with DivX (TM) codec
4029 BUG: WMV media files unable to play when StartOffset not zero (00:00:00.000)
3979 BUG: Right click in structure view shows extraneous Default menu option
4357 FEATURE: Non-Visual objects change default of OnsetSync to (none)
4143 BUG: CodecConfig crashes at startup or after performing default mappings
3646 BUG: PreScript and PostScript not being generated in PackageCall
3607 BUG: Slide OnsetSync and OffsetSync TimingMode values reset upon reloading of experiment
4343 BUG: Unable to generate experiments that have SoundIn/SlideSoundIn objects but do not have a SoundCaptureDevice enabled
3628 BUG: ReadPort and PortDevice occasionaly result in error 10057 and last error 0x00000012
4327 BUG: MovieDisplay and SlideMovie playback issues when StartPosition or StopPosition are not set to default value of 00:00:00.000
2606 BUG: InputMask casting functions (CKeyboardInputMask, CPortInputMask, CMouseInputMask, CSRBoxInputMask) missing from runtime
4322 BUG: MovieDisplay Stretch inaccurately shows first frames with no stretching and then snaps to proper size for subsequent frames
4310 BUG: SlideState clone not working consistently
4319 BUG: Duplicate edat2 extensions occur in for files in E-DataAid SaveAs dialog unless edat2 in Filename prompt is removed first
4339 BUG: When copying in structure view, E-Studio can freeze when a Procedure is used in more than one List
4341 BUG: Z-Order of SlideMovie objects reversed
4342 BUG: MovieDisplay missing dropdown options on its Frame property page tab
3985 BUG: Batch Analysis Save functionality not working as expected
3988 BUG: E-Prime web support menu option brings up incorrect message
4024 BUG: Crash when closing app if scrolled to very bottom of grid
4129 BUG: Adding an additional that already exists gives a typo: "This device only permits once instance, which already exists"
4130 BUG: Registration dialog continually prompts when launching E-Run or E-Studio
4344 BUG: Unable to schedule Frame (Error 11029/179) when using a Movie file that has a part of its contents outside of the Display
4516 BUG: Large PreRelease causes experiment to hang
4306 BUG: Changing DisplayName property via [attrib] or E-Basic causes back color to reflect not as expected
4555 BUG: Second Display object timing is inaccurate
3541 BUG: E-Prime operations not as expected when My Experiments is directed towards a UNC path name
3544 BUG: What's This Help missing in E-DataAid 2.0 and E-Merge 2.0 dialogs
3141 BUG: Setting Group StartupInfo value is ignored when running experiment
3005 BUG: Toggle Keys (NumLock, CapsLock) behavior not as expected
3041 BUG: Serial.InputMaxCount causes runtime error even with valid values
1282 BUG: List.GetAttrib returns garbage when unknown attribute specified
2609 BUG: E-Studio window does not appear on top when launched from Start Menu or double click experiment file from Desktop
2610 BUG: Welcome web page appears behind E-Studio window
2612 BUG: Use of Label object and Jump results in "application defined error" when a runtime error occurs that is not jumping related
2672 BUG: E-Studio crashes when a Slide sub-object's name is left empty.
2679 BUG: E-Prime v1.x Incompatible with Virtual Dimension Utility
3142 BUG: Setting RandomSeed StartupInfo value is ignored when attempting to replicate experiment order
3146 BUG: Destroying RteRunnableInputObject types in script causes Sync properties with vertical blank to be ignored
3627 BUG: Paste Conflict Dialog inaccurately depicts what replace option will do
3615 BUG: DisplayDevice Left, Top, Right, Bottom properties report inaccurate values on multiple monitors
3616 BUG: MouseDevice/MouseResponseData CursorX and CursorY properties returning inaccurate values on multiple monitors
3849 BUG: Paste Conflict dialog appears frozen when right clicking paste on structure view to invoke it
3862 BUG: SoundOut or SlideSoundOut Loop property not looping as expected (only plays sound once or crackles with static)
1106 BUG: Script PPG in options does not have proper behavior with Apply button
361 BUG: Images appear dithered in 256 color mode
863 BUG: Parameters passed as VARIANT values changed w/o editing
1205 BUG: Select row in List - cut only copies but does not get rid of values
1210 BUG: Rename in Structure cause crash or recursive loop of dialog boxes "name already exists"
1217 BUG: BMP files saved in OS/2 format appear as vertical line
1050 BUG: Unable to use mouse to dismiss DataFile conversion dialog
1261 BUG: Saving .es file with recursive loop causes crash when reopened
1715 BUG: InLine control locks up machine running Tablet PC Operating System
2574 BUG: Parallel Port HASP hardware key not recognized during E-Prime installation or running of E-Studio
2601 BUG: PackageCall Routine drop down shows no choices
2602 BUG: Accessing Device.History (InputHistoryManager) results in runtime error
4351 BUG: Remove State results in non-modal message boxes that can be missed
4340 BUG: Displaying images from a List on a second monitor causes experiment to crash
4320 BUG: Movie does not display in proper location or is unable to load when X/Y position is not center
3545 BUG: Syntax error when generating experiments with more than one DisplayDevice
3593 BUG: Display.RefreshRate logged as 0.000
3594 BUG: E-Studio 2.0 AboutBox does not show accurate serial number
3595 BUG: FeedbackDisplay OnsetSync and OffsetSync TimingMode values reset upon reloading of experiment
3596 BUG: ImageDisplay and SlideImage MirrorLeftRight and MirrorUpDown properties not reflected in runtime
3597 BUG: ImageDisplay and SlideImage Stretch property not reflected in runtime
3598 BUG: MovieDisplay property page missing BackColor and BackStyle
3599 BUG: PackageCall Details area showing garbage characters at end of Overview,Parameters,Remarks
3600 BUG: PackageCall does not place enough commas for default parameters for routines that have optional parameters
3601 BUG: PackageFile Editor Header area was not causing save prompt to appear when editing values
3602 BUG: PackageFile Editor not prompting to save when selecting File New or New toolbar button
3603 BUG: PackageFile Editor Optional drop down blank on Add Parameter
3604 BUG: PackageFile Editor Reference area was not causing save prompt to appear when editing values
3605 BUG: PackageFile Editor save changes to untitled prompt not showing name of file
3606 BUG: PackageOption property page was not saving count of search folders accurately
3608 BUG: SlideMovie property page missing BackColor and BackStyle
3610 BUG: SlideState.BorderWidth property not reflected at runtime
1213 BUG: Slide/Feedback take long time to load on some machines
1327 BUG: Using tab character in User script window causes transparent painting problems
1245 BUG: Naming objects in E-Studio to reserved E-Basic words not always caught until compile/runtime
929 BUG: RGB format doesn't change UI
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